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Google Gets Uber Creative with its Play Store Movie Rentals Promo [Video]

Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any cooler, they go and make a promo video for Play Store movie rentals that is just about the most awesome ad spot I have ever seen. Not only is it clever and creative, they managed to come up with probably the most unique video to ever showcase the movie rental.

Starring a banana and a crafty scientist, the 60 second spot shows viewers how easy it is to start a Google Play video rental on your laptop and seamlessly finish the movie from where you left off on your tablet. Not only that, you can do this across any Android device, from a Google TV product, to an Android phone. It just works… Unless you live in Europe, that is.

Making a solid effort to bring more movie rentals to the Play Store, Google has recently signed deals with MGM and Paramount. Although it may not be the best price point or the widest selection quite yet, you can bet Google will whip their video rental service into shape in no time. Now, you really gotta jump past the break to check out this video. It’s all kinds of radical.